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Have you already passed your driving test but don’t feel confident behind the wheel?

Our confidence building course if for drivers who may suffer from a lack of confidence when it comes to driving. The aim of this short course is to help you develop your driving skills and re-gain the confidence you need to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

It may be that you feel anxious driving in traffic or perhaps on motorways and dread doing a long journey. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to do a confidence course, the hardest step is to make that first phone call.

Once you meet with your Progress Driving School instructor, you can talk about any anxieties or fears you have and you can then to work on formulating a plan which will help you to re-gain that confidence again.

Background Information

Anxiety affects millions of people and it can stand in the way of your dreams and ambitions, it can make every day a living hell for some and at best hold people back and limit their possibilities.

If you’re stressed or anxious whilst driving then your brain and body can just simply shut down, this can have catastrophic consequences, especially if you’re travelling on busy roads.

A survey of UK drivers recently discovered that as much as 70% of drivers had lost concentration whilst driving due to stress.

Our instructors at Progress Driving School will work together with you to calm your anxious mind and re-gain your confidence so you will feel comfortable in all driving conditions.

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