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Driving Test Rescue Course

Have you failed your driving test?

You may feel gutted, devastated or even embarrassed but have you considered that it might not have been your fault? If you have been repeatedly failing driving tests you have probably started to doubt yourself with thoughts like, “am I good enough” and “will I ever be able to pass the driving test?”

It can be quite disheartening and as controversial as this sounds but the truth why you’re failing the driving test could be down to the training you received was not adequate.

Not only is repeatedly failing your driving test devastating for you, it is also expensive too.

The driving test rescue course explained

Your instructors first job is to have a consultation period with you and then a bit of a drive. By listening yo you and observing on a short assessment drive, your instructor will be able to figure out why you’re failing the practical test and how to fix the problem.

The assessment drive is just that, it’s not a test so the pressure is totally off. Your instructor will be looking at areas where you excel and the areas that need further development and could comprise of technical ability, understanding, confidence and anticipation.

Once your driving has been assessed, we can then work on a plan to help you start putting things right.

So contact Progress Driving School today and let us get you through your next driving test!

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